Audition Callback Sides

Audition Callback Sides

Thank you to everyone who came out to Freaky Friday auditions! If you received a sheet after your audition inviting you to callbacks, here is where you can download your singing and/or reading sides (i.e. vocal selections and scenes). Please practice your sides and bring them to your callback. We suggest that you look at all parts in your downloaded sides.

Singing Sides

Vocals 1
Fletcher (download)

Vocals 2
Teens (download)
Teens [Duet] (download)

Vocals 3
Adults 1 (download)

Vocals 4
Adults 2 (download)

Vocals 5
Adam (download)
Mike (download)

Vocals 6
Ellie [Solo] (download)
Katherine (download)
Katherine [Riffing Solo] (download)
Katherine & Ellie Duet A (download)
Katherine & Ellie Duet B (download)

Acting Sides

Scenes 1
Side A (download)
Side B (download)

Scenes 2
Side C (download)
Side D (download)

Scenes 3
Side E (download)
Side F (download)
Side G (download)

Scenes 4
Side H (download)
Side I (download)

Scenes 5
Side F (download)
Side J (download)

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